His Girl Friday – The Musical


A Little History

A couple of years ago, my wife Bev and I sat down to write a musical version of the Howard Hawks film HIS GIRL FRIDAY which we knew to be in the public domain. Everything was going great until I made a fateful phone call to a producer friend of mine who immediately informed me that he handled the rights to the source material, THE FRONT PAGE, and that it was most definitely not in the public domain. Months of further discussions with lawyers and agents for deceased authors and uninterested estate representatives followed, uncovering the truth that my producer friend was in fact correct. We halted work on the project and moved on to something else. But instead of letting these recordings languish on a hard drive, I thought it was a good idea to put them on my website in the hopes that someone out there might hear them and get inspired to help us finally acquire the rights and see this show realized.


Demo/Concept Recordings

[hmp_player playlist=’His_Girl_Friday’]